OS Reinstallations

When your system is corrupted to the point that it cannot be repaired we will reinstall the operating system from the scratch. In some cases it's the best approach to fix the computer.

Computer Security

Computer security is most important aspect of the computer usage as it may contain private data that has to be securely saved. Having good antivirus is one of the main steps towards securing your data. We can help you to get safer online.

Computer Upgrades

In majority of cases computers can be upgraded to meet required speed or calculating power at more efficient cost than buying a new computer. Let us look at what you have and what you need to achieve. We will give you most cost effective solution.

Data recovery

If you system cannot load or you cannot read your USB flash drive or external hard drive we can help you to retrieve your important data at very affordable cost compared to similar services you can find. All it takes is to compare.


Liquid damage repair

We're proud in providing fastest and affordable repair service for laptops with liquid damage and LCD screen replacements.

Data recovery

We are most affordable and fastest in data recovery service in Tier 1 when there is no HDD disassemble labor involved.


We will help you to setup your network or fix WiFi or strengthen it when it's weak in certain spots in your office or home.​​​​​​​



We’re a small owner operating company. We specialize in  computer repairs, servicing, designing, upgrading and much more. We also provide our clients with web desing and hosting services. Our passion is helping people with all kinds of computer help we can provide. our only advertising is  "word-of-mouth". Our approach to every service is as if it is our own, so we got you covered!